Missing Your Bonus? Here's What to Do 9/28/23

Update 11/9/23 - Pablo Torres Jr. is no longer Local 3652 's point of contact regarding this or similar contract matters. We will update membership as soon as we get a new contact from DC37.

For those members that haven’t received the bonus on the check for the 28th, please send Pablo Torres Jr their name, job title, and department (if applicable) by 4pm today. Pablo will compile a list and get it over to Danielle. Also, if you can’t make that deadline, members who haven’t received the bonus can call BSC and open a ticket about the matter.


Pablo Torres Jr.

PTorres (at) dc37.net

Assistant Director

Research and Negotiations Department

District Council  37, AFSCME

55 Water Street, 23rd Floor

New York, NY 10004