Local 3652 constitution

Local 3652 was established  2018 to represent nearly 800 engineers, architects, planners, project managers and other Scientific and related technical professional employees of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Please click here for Local 3652 constitution

NYCT Mission Statement

To achieve excellence in providing a safe, convenient, comfortable, reliable, cost-effective, responsive and customer-oriented public transportation system.

Construction & Development Mission Statement

Construction & Development plans, rebuilds, improves, and expands the MTA’s extensive network of subway, bus, commuter rail, bridge, and tunnel infrastructure.

We maximize the value of our capital investments by emphasizing top-tier project-management practices and collaboration with our client operating agencies: New York City Transit, MTA Bus, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, and Bridges & Tunnels.

  • We Assemble the Capital Program
  • We Plan, Develop & Award Projects
  • We Deliver Projects
  • We Oversee the Capital Program
  • We Leverage MTA Assets

MTA Mission Statement