This fall, after five years away, our union will return to a modernized, state-of-the-art headquarters.

ATTENTION: 180 Livingston Street is moving to 149 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

You can see the new address and map it by clicking HERE or by following the link below:

Members who did not receive the ACF Additional Compensation Fund 
 increase (longevity increase) which was scheduled for 10/12/2023 please email  Gerald Lezeau at Gerald.Lezeau {at} for consideration.
Provide: full name, job title, pass #, BSC #, and contacts #.

Local 3652 - 2023 Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations to the following members whose children have received the 2023 Scholarships: 

1  Syed Ahmad

2   Kalpesh Parekh

3    Chi Wu

(see local 3652 scholarship program for more information)


Local 3652 - 2023 Tuition Reimbursement Award Winnners


Update 11/9/23 - Pablo Torres Jr. is no longer Local 3652 's point of contact regarding this or similar contract matters. We will update membership as soon as we get a new contact from DC37.

We received an update for the dates concerning the ACF and new economic agreement from DC37:

Additional Compensation Fund

  1. ACFs (Special Pay) increases: Paycheck date: 10/12/2023
  2. Retro of ACFs (Special Pay) increases: Paycheck Dates: December 21, 2023 and December 28, 2023

DC37 Main Economic Agreement

We are looking forward to our next round of raffle winners and of course our lump sum payment, retro and general wage increase!

Effective the pay period beginning December 17, 2022, when you work beyond your regularly scheduled hours and elect to receive compensatory (overtime bank) time, you should expect to see approved overtime as a bank bonus on the last day of the week in purple text (when you exceed 5:00 of overtime bank weekly Saturday-Friday). It will not appear on your paycheck, but can be viewed in Kronos in your Overtime Bank. If you are due to receive compensatory overtime, you will see this change in Kronos on or about the second week of January, 2023.