Contract Dates - Updated 9/20/23

We received an update for the dates concerning the ACF and new economic agreement from DC37:

Additional Compensation Fund

  1. ACFs (Special Pay) increases: Paycheck date: 10/12/2023
  2. Retro of ACFs (Special Pay) increases: Paycheck Dates: December 21, 2023 and December 28, 2023

DC37 Main Economic Agreement

  1. $3,000 Ratification bonus: Tentative Paycheck date: 9/28/2023
  2. GWIs: Tentative Paycheck date: 10/26/2023
  3. Retro: Tentative Paycheck dates: last paycheck in February 2024


Local 3652 received an update from DC 37 today.

The RB (Ratification Bonus) will be paid on September 28th.

The ACF (Additional Compensation Fund), from the old contract, will be paid on October 12th.

The GWI (General Wage Increase) will be paid on October 26th.